“To whom it may concern: We find Tracy a very ambitious, energetic person; always happy and smiling. She is a real joy to have around. Well versed in any subject you wish to discuss. She is completely trustworthy.”
Robert and Geraldine Hensman – 2013


Tracy Gordon - Concierge Montana

Since Tracy Gordon launched Concierge Montana, she has been meeting personal needs in Bozeman and the surrounding area for people who want and need help.

Working in the service industry for over 25 years, and as a traveling concierge and guide for the past 15 years, she wanted to bring her skills to Southwestern Montana where she has lived for 20 years.


Working with a large law firm as a certified paralegal and in the marketing department exposed me to tasks beyond typical duties. These tasks included event planning and hosting of large non-profit events and educational seminars. In 1997 I attended the International Guide Academy and became a Professional Tour Director.


My goal is to make your life easier and enable you to make the most of your time in Montana. I can reduce your stress and enhance the quality of your time by doing the tasks you cannot or do not want to do.


Interested in having me help you or your business? You are in luck – it is easy to make me a part of your team! Call or email me to get started. I will be happy to set up an informational meeting that aligns your goals and needs with my services.


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